Nortech Medical Solutions Application

Nortech Medical Solutions combines innovation with end-to-end product design and engineering capabilities specifically for medical device needs and requirements. Since the inception of our Nortech Medical Solutions electromechanical design and manufacuring services specifically for the medical industry, we have built a record of supporting innovative, disruptive designs and concepts that have gone on to significantly support patients, physicians and payors alike throughout the globe.

Electro-Mechanical Applications

Our multidisciplinary teams skills include compliance, mechanicals, fluidics, optics, electronics, system assembly and test development. With Nortech Medical Solutions, you have everything you need to get a complex electromechanical system designed, developed, certified and ready for market. When you add our Nortech Systems manufacturing capability as well, you have a comprehensive solution for the entire lifecycle of your device.

Software & Mobile Applications

Mobile Health solutions have shown great promise to increase quality of life and decrease the costs of healthcare. Nortech Medical Solutions are supported by Nortech Systems experience in embedding wireless in your application or designing a mobile health/telemedicine system that is FDA, FCC and other regulatory ready. Whether you are thinking Bluetooth, cellular, wifi or other mobile solution, we have the capabilities to support your innovative platform to transform how we perceive healthcare.

Single Use Devices

An effective single-use device requires all the attention you need for medical device rigor and approval, but with cost sensitivity and an ability to support user interaction. With Nortech Systems documentation, project management resources, and robust Human Factors Analysis systems, our medical solution provide you focused and proven results in designing a world-class single-use device that meets your physician and your finance team needs alike.

Implantable Devices

Very few design firms are capable of supporting the needs of Class III devices, including clinical investigations, risk management planning and documentation. Nortech Medical Solutions excel in this environment, including designing for neurological and cardiovascular applications.

Orthopedic Implants & Systems

Devicix has a strong record in orthopedic design and development. We have previously designed solutions from total hip & knee implant designs to cutting edge biologic systems. Nortech Medical Solutions are available at any point on your project or can provide end-to-end technology, innovation, design, and manufacturing services to take you from an idea and all the way through prototyping and validation.