Nortech Systems Is Proud to Introduce Our Nortech Medical Solutions

Nortech Medical Solutions is a customizable and flexible set of products and services designed specially for medical technology companies and medical device manufacturing operations

Nortech Systems acquired Devicix in 2015, and has worked to integrate best practices, enhanced resources, and streamlined processes into its medical design and manufacturing groups. Devicix has operated as its own brand under the ownership of Nortech Systems Inc. As of April 18, 2019, the Devicix name and brand will officially be retired. Going forward, all Devicix activities will be offered as part of the Nortech Systems medical technology set of services and products, known as Nortech Medical Solutions.

Nortech Systems has long been a strong partner to medical device companies with dynamic challenges in need of innovative solutions. Nortech Medical Solutions leverages Nortech Systems technical expertise to integrate best practices, enhanced resources, and streamlined processe to provide integrated device development and manufacturing services with a keen focus on reducing the time to market and scalability.

Our expertise in electromechanical devices – connected and materials delivery systems as well as neuromodulation technologies – and vertically integrated manufacturing infrastructure allows you to focus on your business growth while we concentrate on your complex design and manufacturing needs.

Nortech Medical Solutions Lifecycle Management

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